We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 4/15

Neutral...with good intentions

From another dimension the Alliance sent 2 devas and a gold dragon to talk to the party (I will call them the messangers).

  1. According to the devas the gold dragon was selected to come along primarily as punishment for Apsu the black dragon. “He turned his back on the Alliance and refused to have a place in society.”
  2. The group was just there as messangers and had no authority, but were familiar with the general workings of the alliance.
  3. The Messangers were tasked with finding out what was motivating the party and to ask that they stop interfering with the Alliance’s plans.
    1. In response the party (as I understood it) told them that what has been motivating them is the threat that Alliance plans have represented to the local region. i.e we are local heroes and we are trying to protect where we live.
    2. The messangers thought that a fair motivation, and not too uncommon. They also commented that that motivation usually came from not understanding the scope of what the Alliance was doing. Which led to the discussion of point #4
  4. Disatisfied by being told that the conquest of Fallcrest is just something that’s going to happen, the party said they were interested in defeating the invaders and then taking the fight back to the invaders.
    1. The messangers thought that was a fine idea and totally in line with how the Alliance operates.
    2. The messangers said they would go back and talk to the appropriate people to get the ball rolling.
    3. The messangers thought that the terms of the help would boil down to we help you and you help us in the future.

Even more information about the current situation


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