We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 1/18

Battling Ostra Lorvas

Having pulled Cheery out of the carcass of the Feymire Croc and rested a little, the party continued to make their way through the tomb. Encountering an iron gate, fire hurling skeletons , zombies so cold they froze the air around them (much to the dismay of the burning skeletons), and a poison gas ward. After all that they encountered a portcullis blocking entrance into the final chamber of the tomb. The tired band of adventures could hear a female voice from the other side of the gate. The sound of approach footsteps made them all hide. Simon exploited the passing of the guards (a pair of heavily armored devils) to sneak past the portcullis. There he saw a halfling woman enacting a summoning ritual that would allow her to bring forth a small army from the depths of Hell. The party attacked, exchanging blows and blasts with Ostra Lorvas and her minions.

In an attempt to bring the fight to a close without the death of any party member Simon (who had gone unnoticed to this point) teleported into the summoning circle and played the part of an angry devil demanding answers of Ostra. The fight halted as the two talked. In the first round of conversation it was learned that the ring she was using as part of the ritual was given to her by the Alliance. The ritual itself was also taught to her by the Alliance.


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