We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 12/9

Conspiracy down river

  1. The party had finished escaped prison and other forms of custody and was meeting with Lady Markelhay to discuss plans for a less exiled from Fallcrest future.
  2. In talking with her they gave evidence that Serim Selduzar, a foreign tiefling, was up to no good. They also learned that the Markelhays feared a coup from Armos Kamroth, who has fled town.
  3. Upon investigating (and executing) Selduzar Lady Markelhay learned of impending attack from the city of Eldham well to the southwest. Further she learned that the town of Ferguson’s Bend is not only the source of the devil pirates but also allied with Eldham.
  4. It was decided that with the pressures that the town is under and in light of recent events that it would be best if the party went to Ferguson’s Bend and ended the pirate menace.
  5. The party was supplied phantom steeds to take them through the Witchlight Fen, but the spell wore off before they could get all the way through and they ended up being attacked by a black dragon and it’s lizardfolk henchmen.
  6. Kelesk emerged remarkably unscathed in the ensuing battle.
  7. Finally making their way through the fen they traveled along the river until the late in the day Ferguson’s Bend was visible down river.


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