We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 2/27


After cleaning up at the Kalton Manor the party continued up river to Fallcrest. The party encountered Timmy protecting some refugees from the seige. There was some discussion about how to proceed, a heated encounter between Tim and the Apsu, and finally a decision to attack the archers guarding the pirates’ flotilla.

Kelesk recovered a canoe to cross the Nentir River while under fire by archers. Apsu and his minions attacked the archers, killing or dispersing most of them before being driven back into the water (Apsu that is, the lizardmen all died).

The party then attempted to cross the river and discovered that they were not very good at it.

Instead of landing in a uninhabited part of the east bank, they struck shore at the edge of a significant encampment of pirates. A melee broke out leaving many of the pirates dead (according to your estimates about half the pirate force, not including devils, is dead).


acember acember

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