We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 3/27

Cutting a Swath

It had been a month since our last game and we were slow on the uptake. Some technical problems and such also slowed us down, but we did get a new player. So that was cool.

Here’s a break down of what little occurred during the game.

It was generally agreed that heading to the wizard’s tower was a good idea, but it was decided that scaling the cliff was not so much. Instead the party chose to make their way through the city to the tower by way of the roads.

Their first obstacle was a bridge that had been fortified while they rested. A line of devils backed by archers stood before them across a bridge that was a bit too long and a bit too open for anyone’s liking. They fought their way across using the side of a house as makeshift cover.

There they met up with a druid who was also an adventurer and had essentially cleared the rest of the path before them. After some talking it was decided that they all liked each other and should travel together.

Importantly the druid had also run afoul of the Alliance.

They carefuly made their way up the road to the Abbey of Sehanine. Here the high priestess hiding in the storm cellar called to them and asked them to save the horses in the near by stables from marauding Cambions

Feeling the it innocent animals should be protected, and that this was a good opportunity to attack some of the Cambions while they were still on the ground and disorganized the party agreed to help.

They assaulted the Cambions and rescued some of the horses. Cambions turned out to be quite tough and the fight, which is yet to be resolved, has been perilous. Advantage has shifted several times as the Cambions appear to be masters of close combat.


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