We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 5/23

Battle for the hearts and minds

The Island of Waiting Tower was the destination of the party this game session. The plan being to convince the ghosts haunting the tower to come and assist in the protection of Fallcrest, something that was suggested in the intelligence they had received from the Alliance.

The group arrived on the island and moored to the remains of a cover dock.

The spread out looking for clues and were attacked by a ghost that possessed party member after party member. While trying to deal with this haunt Contessa working of figuring out a way to communicate with, or at least understand, the ghost.

There were a few unsuccessful attempts to make peace with the ghost. Timmy finally found a solution when he suggested that last rites be ministered to the ghost’s corpse, this put the ghost at peace…eventually.

Meanwhile, Shodan and Vouelar went inside the keep. They found 2 more angry ghosts, when Timmy came in to help he found a third. The group went through a series of possessions and fights. This bought Kelesk, Shodan, and Timmy enough time to quell spirits. Vouelar turned into a snake and opened the locked doors to the tower, and the party put down three more spirits at the top.


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