We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 5/9

Gathering Defense

Having successfully talked the Alliance Deva’s out of their documentation the party discussed what the best course of action would be.

The following grand plan was formed:
  1. Warn bridge defenders of their situation.
  2. Collect whatever defenders they can from around town
  3. Get ghosts to help defend the town.
  4. Strike against the remaining pirate forces to break the seige
  5. Make preparation for second wave and counter attack.

Warning went out in the form of an animal messanger.

The party entered the tomb woods and used the tunnels they had previously found to move through the catacombs until they located Lady Markelhay.

They discovered that the Lord was badly wounded, and assisted as they could.

The party convinced Lady Markelhay to relocate to the Church of Pelor where they could fill out their numbers better.

Using the catacombs the party moved to the church where they encountered a door, after much yelling and banging Simon used his familiar to get a message to the people in the church to let them in.

Exhausted and pushed to the breaking point, the party rallied the troops and charged toware the ruined island keep where the ghost are located, battling their way through many devils and pirates as they went.

During the fight it became clear
  • That Lady Markelhay has lost some of her composure, but the victory against the devil helped her recover it.
  • The town guard are really no match for legion devils.
  • Cambions are a disturbing and vengeful lot.

After the fight the party was on its way to the ait in one of the remaining boats.


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