We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 6/24

Plot Recap

  1. The party arrived at Fallcrest
  2. Reported the Lord Markelhay that the road between Fallcrest and Harkenwold is dangerous, but that Harkenwold itself seems okay.
  3. Left the Lord and Riyal (the Harkenwold ambassador) to discuss specifics.
  4. The party sold the loot they had acquired in Harkenwold.
  5. The party went to the estate of Armos Kamroth to inquire about the incident with his thugs in Harkenwold.
  6. The party was stopped on the estate lawn by Kamroth’s house guards, a mix of unsavory thugs and professional leg breakers.
  7. The party tried to bluff and intimidate their way to the door.
  8. The guards to them they can wait at the edge of the property to be granted entrance.
  9. The party didn’t like that answer, there was some weapons drawn and shoving and things escalated from there.
  10. The estate guard stiffly resisted the party.
  11. The party, with the exception of Shodan, stomped the guards.
  12. Simon snuck around and gained entrance into the Kamroth’s house. While in the house he saw: 3 guards, a mage, and some servants.
  1. Simon snuck around the manor pantry and made his way to the second floor.
  2. Out front, one of the estate guards summoned the town watch.
  3. The town watch seemed unimpressed by peoples yells about how was defending themselves from whom.
  4. House Rat assaulted the members of the watch.


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