We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 7/3

This Day They Will Remember

When we last left off this scene had occured:

Your crew rows you across the river as they discuss how they think the keep stones would best be distributed for the coming battle. These citizens of Fallcrest are downright chipper about the prospects of the new ghostly soldiers.

As the boat bumps up against the quay and the rowers work to tie the boat down, Sunlord Typhus and several guardsmen come running out of a nearby house to you. They arrive and help you all out of the boat, as they do so something seems wrong.

“Please hurry. We must talk, but not out in the open.” Typhus says, his voice strained.

They lead you at a quick pace back into the violated home that is sheltering the rest of the guards. In the gloom you can see that they are clearly upset. When everyone is safely inside Typhus starts up, choking back tears.

“My lady, while you were away we cleaned up the square where the fighting had taken place. Things were going smoothly until a patrol came, a couple pirates and several devils. We hid from them and overheard that they were there to discover why the flow of material had suddenly stopped.

They discovered the remains of the fight, and made a cursory search before leaving. As they passed my church they stopped, I could not tell why but they investigated it. As they did so they were joined by a pair of cambions from the air. There appeared to be something of an argument and the cambions turned their brutal flaming swords on the doors.

The people inside had not had time to reinforce the barricades like they had been. Those horrid devils were through it in but a minute. The invaders rushed inside, and then…and then…” He pauses to breath and consider what he is saying.

“There was nothing we could do my lady, you must understand. We would have been slaughtered if we had tried to stand up to those cambions by ourselves. When they started to drag people out we could see just how invincible those devils are. Knife strikes and cudgel blows did not seem to faze them, they easily carried and pulled the people inside fighting or not. Like children ma’am…like children. We would have died, and would not be here to tell you what happened. It pains all of us, truly it does, but it was the wise…”

“Enough,” Lady Markelhay cuts him off, “I understand. What of my husband, and the wounded? All dead or taken?” She says sternly.

“All taken, though we could not tell if they were dead or not. Nobody was left in the church; the devils saw to it that it was thoroughly defiled as well before they left.”

“I am but a farmer’s priest, not trained to battle these sorts of evils,” He trails off and backs away.

“Well, today that makes little difference. It appears our situation has become most extreme.” She says looking outside at the lengthening shadows of the coming evening. Lady Markelhay sighs deeply to calm herself as she turns to the party to discuss battle plans.

And So…

Down by the bridge the gathering of an army could be seen. Pirates and devils by the score, huddled around war machines rolling toward the north bridge of Fallcrest. Kelesk hurriedly cast a ritual of Battlefield Elocution to assist in coordinating the coming battle.

With blade, axe, spell, and grit the defenders of Fallcrest attacked. They found it difficult to make headway at first into the ranks of the enemy. They concentrated on protecting themselves as their numbers were few and far weaker than the host the assailed.

Then charged forth a mighty gorilla! Bashing, smashing, and tearing. Within minutes the leadership of the invaders lay broken. Many charges followed, whittling away at both sides. Timmy climbed the war machines and tried to pull the desecrated corpses from them. Shodan tried to save the captured citizens. But the enemy was strong and would not loosen its grip on their prizes. It took Voular’s mighty fists battering them to allow some advantage to be gained.

But even Voular was not fast enough to save the bridge tower, it’s doors shattered by the batteringram and the people inside slain by the onrush of devils. For a moment things were desperate at that tower, but Timmy lept into the breach and held. He stood their, slaying the pirates who ran in terror from Shodan.

Voular’s strength was bested only once that day; as he tried to push the great machines of war into the Nentir River. Failing that, he turned to crushing the bones of the enemy as Shodan teleported to the south and after short minutes brought back with him fresh soldiers to battle the foe.

As the battle raged, the Wizard’s Tower of Nimzaran – Septarch of Fallcrest, exploded! Flinging the corpse of Cambions about. Though it strange magic was clearly involved as the shattered ruins mearly hung in the air and never fell.

Kelesk, great healer and protector, was challenged by the remaining champion of dark forces. A great cry went out amongst the heroes as he was defeated in combat. But Voular did avenge him, destroying the champions body despite his grief at Kelesk humiliation.

Sensing the battle turning against them, the foe set fire to all that would burn. Using pitch where their flaming weapons would suffice. In the choking smoke and blistering flame that covered the battlefield Timmy was finally able to recover the bodies of the fall (in particular the Lord Markelhay) and Kelesk succeeded where Shodan couldn’t, saving the captured citizens of Fallcrest.

Then from behind, Armos Kamroth and his followers joined the battle. Assaulting the places where innocents huddled and trying to drive the heroes from the bridge.

Renewed in strength and desperate the invaders concentrated their efforts on killing Lady Markelhay and Cheery. Shodan, sensing danger, spirited Lady Markelhay to safety.

The battled ended in a great roar and peel of thunder. Timmy, summoning the divine strength of Bahamut in one great swipe did slay Kamroth. As his body fell, his supporters courage fell too and all who were left on the battlefield did run in fear of the heroes’ terrible visages.

The last light of day passed and a cool autumn rain began to fall. The fires died, the wounded were tended to, and the victors found soft place to rest their heads.


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