We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 7/5

A piece to a puzzle you weren't working on

When we had last left off the party had conveniently regrouped in the Tombstone woods. Standing outside the Kamroth crypt they argued about what to do next until Lady Markelhay showed up.

She asked the party to head to Ferguson’s Bend and take care of the devil consorting pirates there. She warned that the folks there have allied themselves with Eldham, which is preparing an invasion of Fallcrest. The party agreed but said that they first wanted to investigate the catacombs under the city because Paiden Crainwing had been suspiciously setting traps there.

Down in the catacombs the party faced trap after trap and eventually made their way into a sealed off laboratory. The laboratory they found was trashed; full of broken divination foci, burned papers, smashed reagent containers, and a destroyed teleportation circle.

At first it seemed like it this was a big waste of time, but after spending the better part of a day searching for potential clues some luck was had.

In an aparently forgotten secret compartment in the wall of the lab was found the sigil-keys for 5 teleportation portals.

The party handed over the note to Lady Markelhay, who will investigate the portals while the party takes care of the devil pirates of Ferguson’s Bend. She also noted that the laboratory was located under the ruins of Aramis the Perspicacious’ house. Aramis being the local sage who died a few months ago when his house burned down.


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