Serim Selduzar

Agent of Eldham - Deceased


Initiative +12 Senses Perception +5; low-light vision

HP 64; Bloodied 32

AC 20; Fortitude 17; Reflex 19; Will 17

Resist 12 fire

Speed 6

Poisoned Short Sword (standard; at-will) • Poison, Weapon

+12 vs AC; +13 against a bloodied target; 1d6 + 5 damage, and

secondary attack against the same target +10 vs Fortitude; ongoing 10 poison damage (save ends)

Cloak of Lurking (move; recharge 6) • Teleportation

The tiefling darkblade teleports 5 squares and becomes invisible until the end of its next turn.

Infernal Wrath (minor; encounter)

The tiefling darkblade gains a +1 power bonus to its next attack roll against an enemy that hit it since the tiefling darkblade’s last turn. If the attack hits and deals damage, the darkblade deals an extra 3 damage.


Serim claimed to be a scion from a family that had fallen out of favor in Eldham, who had escaped persecution by coming to Fallcrest. He claimed that his interests lay in establishing some land and rebuilding his lost wealth.

After being captured, interrogated both while alive and in death

The Truth was Learned

Serim Selduzar was indeed a scion from a family that had fallen out of favor in Eldham. It was through Serim’s actions that his family’s political fortune fell. In a bargain struck with the Prince of Eldham, Serim was exiled to Fallcrest where he was to find a way to soften the magical defenses of the city. Should he be successful and the invasion of Fallcrest go well, the Selduzar would be looked upon favorably again.

Serim had hoped to be able simple cause the downfall of the Markelhays and then install himself as lord of Fallcrest, thus securing his fortunes with the Prince.

Ill prepared and untrained for the task Serim set out. In Fallcrest he learned that the conditions were there to pit Lord Markelhay against his wife and the wizard’s guild. He also saw opportunity to the turn the wizard’s guild against each other through Paiden Cranewing.

Unfortunately when he tried to hire the PCs to assist him in his plot they instead turned him in to the authorities, who executed him. With that they completed the punishment intended by the Prince of Eldham.

Serim Selduzar

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