Agent of the Alliance


A.K.A: The Bone – to members of the Alliance

A.K.A: The Prescient- to the people of Fallcrest

Known Ritual Caster and regional historian


He had been acting as a Sage for Fallcrest.

He assisted Kalarel in his plot to open a portal to the Shadowfell and was the mentor (or possibly simply a superior) of Paiden Cranewing.

Aramis appears to have left Fallcrest via a teleportation circle, but not before destroying any information about the Alliance. Where he went is not known, but is being investigated by Lady Markelhay.

Aramis arrived in Fallcrest 10 years ago from the south. To the people of Fallcrest he seemed well mannered and possessing a knack for either knowing detailed information about anything subject he was approached about or being able to find that information within a few days.


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