Armos Kamroth

Devotee of Tiamat; Deceased


A wealthy landowner who collects rents from scores of farmers and herders living in the countryside
nearby. Armos is a brusque, imposing man of about fifty who makes a show of loaning money in good faith and exacting only what the law allows.

Kamroth has dozens of tenants, and his holdings make up a significant portion of the tax base in Fallcrest. He has provided many with cheap housing and jobs to those who stay on his good side, to those on his bad side he can be a miser of the worst kind.

Armos is generally well respected and an acknowledged skinflint. It did not come as a great surprise to anyone that he was a devotee of Tiamat, goddess of avarice.

Armos was killed in battle by Timmy, Paladin of Bahamut, while assisting the invading forces of Eldham in their assault on Fallcrest.

Armos Kamroth

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