Melody Markelhay

Lady of Fallcrest


Lady Markelhay is a talented wizard who specializes in rituals and protective magic. Lady Markelhay is ten years the younger to her lord with long brown hair (typically worn up), a fair complexion and a taste for long, noble robes. She is originally from Harkenwold and married Faren to seal the peaceful alliance between Fallcrest and Harkenwold. She has grown to love Fallcrest as her own. Lady Markelhay studied under the Gray Lady Milios.

In personality, Lady Markelhay is a fair and even-tempered woman. Her chief duties involve running Moonstone Keep. She is know among the residents of Fallcrest as a kind noble, Lady Markelhay routinely walks the streets among the people offering aid where she can. Like her husband, Lady Markelhay is a devout worshipper of Pelor but gives equal praise to Ioun as well.

Lady Markelhay has given birth to five children. Ernesto, the oldest, acts as ambassador to Firemoth a town down the King’s Road in the Aldmir Vale.

Melody Markelhay

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