Apsu the Black Venom

Young Dragon, Deceased


Apsu is a young black dragon who is in the process of establishing a territory and a following of Lizardmen.

Some time ago agents of the Alliance came to his lair in Kalton Manor. They offered assistance in establishing his territory in exchange for his assistance in securing Fallcrest for Eldham. He refused, confident in himself and having no interest in attacking the city.

Days ago he ambushed the PCs as they traveled through his swamp only to be beaten back by them. A couple days later an armada of pirates and devils stormed his home, forcing him to flee and earning his ire. While on the hunt the next day he encountered the PCs again. Knowing that the PCs were stronger than him he allied with them, exchanging his help in retaking their city for assistance in reclaiming his home.

He was driven into the water of the Nentir river after a successful raid on the Lower Quay of Occupied Fallcrest.

Apsu met his end fighting an Alliance Gold Dragon named Navlan in the lower city of Occupied Fallcrest. The Alliance sent the dragon as punishment for his refusal to cooperate.

Apsu the Black Venom

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