Lord Faren Markelhey

Lord of Fallcrest; Deceased


Heriditary leader of Fallcrest whom takes it upon himself to look into every matter. A family man, dedicated to honour, family, and the people of Fallcrest.

He is older and has never been much of a warrior, instead he works from sun-up to sun-down taking a personal interest in the daily matters of his people. He is rarely found at Moonstone Keep, except when some accounting or other official matter must be dealt with and even then only if no one other than himself can deal with it.

Lord Markelhay is strongly supported by the Fallcrest townsfolk, whom he interacts with on a daily basis. His support is not nearly as strong with the outlying farmers and herders, whom he does not have the time to travel out to.

Lord Markelhay was raised to love and protect Fallcrest, and that is what he intends to do. He comes from a 400 year old line, and has recently tried to extend his influence across the Nentir Vale. He see a future with Fallcrest as the steward of the Vale.

His first steps to that end were going to be solidifying Fallcrest’s relationship with Harkenwold, by rescuing them from the goblin hordes. Unfortunately, Fallcrest itself became the target of numerous designs and Faren has had to pull back on those plans for the moment.

Lord Markelhay was wounded and burned very badly when Cambions attacked Moonstone Keep. He was transported to the Fallcrest Church of Pelor and died when it was overrun during the Invasion of Fallcrest.

Lord Faren Markelhey

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