Duke Prince Soveliss Raindan


Centuries ago Soveliss Raidan was a young landless noble of little note. He worked hard to prove himself as a fey knight in the hopes of being gifted some land and prestige. His ambition drove him to become fairly skilled in the martial arts and to get involved in many bloody conflicts with the formorian kingdoms.

It was during one of these conflicts that Soveliss’s life changed forever. During a daring raid into the Feydark he was captured by the twisted formori. In captivity he learned the ways of brutality, the value of spies and assassination, and how to survive in the paranoid court of his masters.

It was during this time that he learned the power of devils and fell in love with the opportunities that they provide. To further his goals, and eventually to facilitate his return to Eladrin civilization he took on greater and greater pacts with the devils. Eventually even creating a blood-bond with one.

Once free Soveliss married his ambition, the lessons of the formorian court, and the dark power he had gained into an unstoppable force. He carved out Eldham as a his clan home, was recognized as the regional duke by the Nerath Empire, took a princess of the Court of Stars as his wife, and has been aggressively consolidating his power ever since.

With the fracturing of the Court of Stars, Soveliss sees an opportunity to establish a true kingdom under his rule both in the Natural and Feywild worlds.

Soveliss joined the Alliance to learn the secrets needed to secure Eldham’s hold in both the Natural World and Feywild. After a time he was convinced by Dispater that the Alliance was manipulating him and intended to kill him once they were finished with him.

To prevent this he attempted to summon an Aspect of Dispater to bargain for protection. He was foiled and killed by the party while preparing the summoning.

Duke Prince Soveliss Raindan

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