We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 5/23
Battle for the hearts and minds

The Island of Waiting Tower was the destination of the party this game session. The plan being to convince the ghosts haunting the tower to come and assist in the protection of Fallcrest, something that was suggested in the intelligence they had received from the Alliance.

The group arrived on the island and moored to the remains of a cover dock.

The spread out looking for clues and were attacked by a ghost that possessed party member after party member. While trying to deal with this haunt Contessa working of figuring out a way to communicate with, or at least understand, the ghost.

There were a few unsuccessful attempts to make peace with the ghost. Timmy finally found a solution when he suggested that last rites be ministered to the ghost’s corpse, this put the ghost at peace…eventually.

Meanwhile, Shodan and Vouelar went inside the keep. They found 2 more angry ghosts, when Timmy came in to help he found a third. The group went through a series of possessions and fights. This bought Kelesk, Shodan, and Timmy enough time to quell spirits. Vouelar turned into a snake and opened the locked doors to the tower, and the party put down three more spirits at the top.

Recap 5/9
Gathering Defense

Having successfully talked the Alliance Deva’s out of their documentation the party discussed what the best course of action would be.

The following grand plan was formed:
  1. Warn bridge defenders of their situation.
  2. Collect whatever defenders they can from around town
  3. Get ghosts to help defend the town.
  4. Strike against the remaining pirate forces to break the seige
  5. Make preparation for second wave and counter attack.

Warning went out in the form of an animal messanger.

The party entered the tomb woods and used the tunnels they had previously found to move through the catacombs until they located Lady Markelhay.

They discovered that the Lord was badly wounded, and assisted as they could.

The party convinced Lady Markelhay to relocate to the Church of Pelor where they could fill out their numbers better.

Using the catacombs the party moved to the church where they encountered a door, after much yelling and banging Simon used his familiar to get a message to the people in the church to let them in.

Exhausted and pushed to the breaking point, the party rallied the troops and charged toware the ruined island keep where the ghost are located, battling their way through many devils and pirates as they went.

During the fight it became clear
  • That Lady Markelhay has lost some of her composure, but the victory against the devil helped her recover it.
  • The town guard are really no match for legion devils.
  • Cambions are a disturbing and vengeful lot.

After the fight the party was on its way to the ait in one of the remaining boats.

Recap 4/15
Neutral...with good intentions

From another dimension the Alliance sent 2 devas and a gold dragon to talk to the party (I will call them the messangers).

  1. According to the devas the gold dragon was selected to come along primarily as punishment for Apsu the black dragon. “He turned his back on the Alliance and refused to have a place in society.”
  2. The group was just there as messangers and had no authority, but were familiar with the general workings of the alliance.
  3. The Messangers were tasked with finding out what was motivating the party and to ask that they stop interfering with the Alliance’s plans.
    1. In response the party (as I understood it) told them that what has been motivating them is the threat that Alliance plans have represented to the local region. i.e we are local heroes and we are trying to protect where we live.
    2. The messangers thought that a fair motivation, and not too uncommon. They also commented that that motivation usually came from not understanding the scope of what the Alliance was doing. Which led to the discussion of point #4
  4. Disatisfied by being told that the conquest of Fallcrest is just something that’s going to happen, the party said they were interested in defeating the invaders and then taking the fight back to the invaders.
    1. The messangers thought that was a fine idea and totally in line with how the Alliance operates.
    2. The messangers said they would go back and talk to the appropriate people to get the ball rolling.
    3. The messangers thought that the terms of the help would boil down to we help you and you help us in the future.

Even more information about the current situation

Recap 3/27
Cutting a Swath

It had been a month since our last game and we were slow on the uptake. Some technical problems and such also slowed us down, but we did get a new player. So that was cool.

Here’s a break down of what little occurred during the game.

It was generally agreed that heading to the wizard’s tower was a good idea, but it was decided that scaling the cliff was not so much. Instead the party chose to make their way through the city to the tower by way of the roads.

Their first obstacle was a bridge that had been fortified while they rested. A line of devils backed by archers stood before them across a bridge that was a bit too long and a bit too open for anyone’s liking. They fought their way across using the side of a house as makeshift cover.

There they met up with a druid who was also an adventurer and had essentially cleared the rest of the path before them. After some talking it was decided that they all liked each other and should travel together.

Importantly the druid had also run afoul of the Alliance.

They carefuly made their way up the road to the Abbey of Sehanine. Here the high priestess hiding in the storm cellar called to them and asked them to save the horses in the near by stables from marauding Cambions

Feeling the it innocent animals should be protected, and that this was a good opportunity to attack some of the Cambions while they were still on the ground and disorganized the party agreed to help.

They assaulted the Cambions and rescued some of the horses. Cambions turned out to be quite tough and the fight, which is yet to be resolved, has been perilous. Advantage has shifted several times as the Cambions appear to be masters of close combat.

Recap 2/27

After cleaning up at the Kalton Manor the party continued up river to Fallcrest. The party encountered Timmy protecting some refugees from the seige. There was some discussion about how to proceed, a heated encounter between Tim and the Apsu, and finally a decision to attack the archers guarding the pirates’ flotilla.

Kelesk recovered a canoe to cross the Nentir River while under fire by archers. Apsu and his minions attacked the archers, killing or dispersing most of them before being driven back into the water (Apsu that is, the lizardmen all died).

The party then attempted to cross the river and discovered that they were not very good at it.

Instead of landing in a uninhabited part of the east bank, they struck shore at the edge of a significant encampment of pirates. A melee broke out leaving many of the pirates dead (according to your estimates about half the pirate force, not including devils, is dead).

Recap 1/18
Battling Ostra Lorvas

Having pulled Cheery out of the carcass of the Feymire Croc and rested a little, the party continued to make their way through the tomb. Encountering an iron gate, fire hurling skeletons , zombies so cold they froze the air around them (much to the dismay of the burning skeletons), and a poison gas ward. After all that they encountered a portcullis blocking entrance into the final chamber of the tomb. The tired band of adventures could hear a female voice from the other side of the gate. The sound of approach footsteps made them all hide. Simon exploited the passing of the guards (a pair of heavily armored devils) to sneak past the portcullis. There he saw a halfling woman enacting a summoning ritual that would allow her to bring forth a small army from the depths of Hell. The party attacked, exchanging blows and blasts with Ostra Lorvas and her minions.

In an attempt to bring the fight to a close without the death of any party member Simon (who had gone unnoticed to this point) teleported into the summoning circle and played the part of an angry devil demanding answers of Ostra. The fight halted as the two talked. In the first round of conversation it was learned that the ring she was using as part of the ritual was given to her by the Alliance. The ritual itself was also taught to her by the Alliance.

Recap 12/9
Conspiracy down river
  1. The party had finished escaped prison and other forms of custody and was meeting with Lady Markelhay to discuss plans for a less exiled from Fallcrest future.
  2. In talking with her they gave evidence that Serim Selduzar, a foreign tiefling, was up to no good. They also learned that the Markelhays feared a coup from Armos Kamroth, who has fled town.
  3. Upon investigating (and executing) Selduzar Lady Markelhay learned of impending attack from the city of Eldham well to the southwest. Further she learned that the town of Ferguson’s Bend is not only the source of the devil pirates but also allied with Eldham.
  4. It was decided that with the pressures that the town is under and in light of recent events that it would be best if the party went to Ferguson’s Bend and ended the pirate menace.
  5. The party was supplied phantom steeds to take them through the Witchlight Fen, but the spell wore off before they could get all the way through and they ended up being attacked by a black dragon and it’s lizardfolk henchmen.
  6. Kelesk emerged remarkably unscathed in the ensuing battle.
  7. Finally making their way through the fen they traveled along the river until the late in the day Ferguson’s Bend was visible down river.
Recap 7/5
A piece to a puzzle you weren't working on

When we had last left off the party had conveniently regrouped in the Tombstone woods. Standing outside the Kamroth crypt they argued about what to do next until Lady Markelhay showed up.

She asked the party to head to Ferguson’s Bend and take care of the devil consorting pirates there. She warned that the folks there have allied themselves with Eldham, which is preparing an invasion of Fallcrest. The party agreed but said that they first wanted to investigate the catacombs under the city because Paiden Crainwing had been suspiciously setting traps there.

Down in the catacombs the party faced trap after trap and eventually made their way into a sealed off laboratory. The laboratory they found was trashed; full of broken divination foci, burned papers, smashed reagent containers, and a destroyed teleportation circle.

At first it seemed like it this was a big waste of time, but after spending the better part of a day searching for potential clues some luck was had.

In an aparently forgotten secret compartment in the wall of the lab was found the sigil-keys for 5 teleportation portals.

The party handed over the note to Lady Markelhay, who will investigate the portals while the party takes care of the devil pirates of Ferguson’s Bend. She also noted that the laboratory was located under the ruins of Aramis the Perspicacious’ house. Aramis being the local sage who died a few months ago when his house burned down.

Recap 6/24
Plot Recap
  1. The party arrived at Fallcrest
  2. Reported the Lord Markelhay that the road between Fallcrest and Harkenwold is dangerous, but that Harkenwold itself seems okay.
  3. Left the Lord and Riyal (the Harkenwold ambassador) to discuss specifics.
  4. The party sold the loot they had acquired in Harkenwold.
  5. The party went to the estate of Armos Kamroth to inquire about the incident with his thugs in Harkenwold.
  6. The party was stopped on the estate lawn by Kamroth’s house guards, a mix of unsavory thugs and professional leg breakers.
  7. The party tried to bluff and intimidate their way to the door.
  8. The guards to them they can wait at the edge of the property to be granted entrance.
  9. The party didn’t like that answer, there was some weapons drawn and shoving and things escalated from there.
  10. The estate guard stiffly resisted the party.
  11. The party, with the exception of Shodan, stomped the guards.
  12. Simon snuck around and gained entrance into the Kamroth’s house. While in the house he saw: 3 guards, a mage, and some servants.
  1. Simon snuck around the manor pantry and made his way to the second floor.
  2. Out front, one of the estate guards summoned the town watch.
  3. The town watch seemed unimpressed by peoples yells about how was defending themselves from whom.
  4. House Rat assaulted the members of the watch.
Recap 6/6
Plot Recap

From Kelesk’s perspective:

  1. Arrive in town, give bad news of how many soldiers were lost in trip.
  2. Go with Lady Markelhay to translate goblin letters
  3. Learn that the goblins have found the Raven’s Roost (which might be a temple to the Raven Queen) and intend to defend it from the orcs for their supreme leaders and their guests.
  4. Hearing about the capture of his allies, Kelesk heads off to talk with Lord Markelhay, speak with him and learn that there is little Kelesk can do at that point.
  5. Talk with Ambassador Riyal Nanion who had spent the morning with Lord Markelhay and learn that he at very least wants to stay on Armos Kamroth’s good side, but may go as far as be afraid of Kamroth.
  6. Lord Markelhay retired early, answering nobody’s questions.
  1. In talking with the people of Fallcrest learn of recent pirate activity down the Nentir river, and that the pirates have recently begun working with Devils.
  2. Meet Serim Selduzar, a tiefling from Sengard, who wants to employ Kelesk in a scheme to…well in isn’t clear, either destroy Fallcrest or remove the current leadership from power. In exchange Kelesk would be rewarded and provided safe-haven from any fall out.
  3. Go with Serim to his allies in the dungeon of Moonstone Keep.

From Contessa/Shodan’s perspective:

  1. Arrive in town, give bad news of how many soldiers were lost in trip.
  2. Sell aquired loot.
  3. Go to Kamroth’s estate to discuss the attack in Harkenwold.
  4. Get into fight with house guards.
  5. Be restrained and talk with city watch.
  6. Go investigate loud noises from inside estate with guard captain Smyth
  7. Save the captain from some of Kamroth’s ruffians.
  8. Discover that there is a small temple to Tiamat in the back of the house.
  9. Mill about and give statements to city watch as they take control of the area.
  10. Be escorted to the town’s dungeon.
  11. Get a visit from Serim Selduzar trying to recruit subversives to his cause.
  12. Get a visit from an animal messanger sent by Contessa’s master giving her the name of another member of his order who could help them with the Goblin/Orc problem.
  13. Late that night, Kelesk and Serim show up in the dungeon to talk.

From Simon’s perspective:

  1. Arrive in town, give bad news of how many soldiers were lost in trip.
  2. Sell acquired loot.
  3. Go to Kamroth’s estate to discuss the attack in Harkenwold.
  4. Get into fight with house guards.
  5. Sneak into Kamroth estate.
  6. Discover temple to Tiamat on the second floor.
  7. Get blasted by a trap while stealing a magic sword.
  8. Get into another scuffle with the house guards.
  9. Show the town guards the temple.
  10. Mill about and give statements to city watch as they take control of the area.
  11. Wait at the Kamroth estate to talk to Lord Markelhay.
  12. Learn that politics are going to play a bringer part in the incident than the truth or justice.
  13. Escape from custody.
  14. Meet up with Cheery in a field.
  15. Hatch plot.
  16. Catch up with allies in dungeon by sneaking into Moonstone Keep.

From Cheery’s Perspective:

  1. Arrive in town, give bad news of how many soldiers were lost in trip.
  2. Sell aquired loot.
  3. Go to Kamroth’s estate to discuss the attack in Harkenwold.
  4. Get into fight with house guards.
  5. Be restrained and talk with city watch.
  6. Run off with HRA when the city guards are distracted by events inside the house.
  7. Hide in a farmer’s field.
  8. Meet up with Simon.
  9. Learn from farmer that Kamroth is the land lord of most of the farm land surrounding Fallcrest. That there there are many people loyal Kamroth who will just assume that if Kamroth did try and have people killed (which is unlikely) that they probably deserved it.
  10. Be taken into custody when farmer turns Cheery in to the city watch.
  11. Meet up with allies in dungeon of Moonstone Keep.

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