We Shall Never Be Silenced

Recap 6/24
Plot Recap
  1. The party arrived at Fallcrest
  2. Reported the Lord Markelhay that the road between Fallcrest and Harkenwold is dangerous, but that Harkenwold itself seems okay.
  3. Left the Lord and Riyal (the Harkenwold ambassador) to discuss specifics.
  4. The party sold the loot they had acquired in Harkenwold.
  5. The party went to the estate of Armos Kamroth to inquire about the incident with his thugs in Harkenwold.
  6. The party was stopped on the estate lawn by Kamroth’s house guards, a mix of unsavory thugs and professional leg breakers.
  7. The party tried to bluff and intimidate their way to the door.
  8. The guards to them they can wait at the edge of the property to be granted entrance.
  9. The party didn’t like that answer, there was some weapons drawn and shoving and things escalated from there.
  10. The estate guard stiffly resisted the party.
  11. The party, with the exception of Shodan, stomped the guards.
  12. Simon snuck around and gained entrance into the Kamroth’s house. While in the house he saw: 3 guards, a mage, and some servants.
  1. Simon snuck around the manor pantry and made his way to the second floor.
  2. Out front, one of the estate guards summoned the town watch.
  3. The town watch seemed unimpressed by peoples yells about how was defending themselves from whom.
  4. House Rat assaulted the members of the watch.
Recap 6/6
Plot Recap

From Kelesk’s perspective:

  1. Arrive in town, give bad news of how many soldiers were lost in trip.
  2. Go with Lady Markelhay to translate goblin letters
  3. Learn that the goblins have found the Raven’s Roost (which might be a temple to the Raven Queen) and intend to defend it from the orcs for their supreme leaders and their guests.
  4. Hearing about the capture of his allies, Kelesk heads off to talk with Lord Markelhay, speak with him and learn that there is little Kelesk can do at that point.
  5. Talk with Ambassador Riyal Nanion who had spent the morning with Lord Markelhay and learn that he at very least wants to stay on Armos Kamroth’s good side, but may go as far as be afraid of Kamroth.
  6. Lord Markelhay retired early, answering nobody’s questions.
  1. In talking with the people of Fallcrest learn of recent pirate activity down the Nentir river, and that the pirates have recently begun working with Devils.
  2. Meet Serim Selduzar, a tiefling from Sengard, who wants to employ Kelesk in a scheme to…well in isn’t clear, either destroy Fallcrest or remove the current leadership from power. In exchange Kelesk would be rewarded and provided safe-haven from any fall out.
  3. Go with Serim to his allies in the dungeon of Moonstone Keep.

From Contessa/Shodan’s perspective:

  1. Arrive in town, give bad news of how many soldiers were lost in trip.
  2. Sell aquired loot.
  3. Go to Kamroth’s estate to discuss the attack in Harkenwold.
  4. Get into fight with house guards.
  5. Be restrained and talk with city watch.
  6. Go investigate loud noises from inside estate with guard captain Smyth
  7. Save the captain from some of Kamroth’s ruffians.
  8. Discover that there is a small temple to Tiamat in the back of the house.
  9. Mill about and give statements to city watch as they take control of the area.
  10. Be escorted to the town’s dungeon.
  11. Get a visit from Serim Selduzar trying to recruit subversives to his cause.
  12. Get a visit from an animal messanger sent by Contessa’s master giving her the name of another member of his order who could help them with the Goblin/Orc problem.
  13. Late that night, Kelesk and Serim show up in the dungeon to talk.

From Simon’s perspective:

  1. Arrive in town, give bad news of how many soldiers were lost in trip.
  2. Sell acquired loot.
  3. Go to Kamroth’s estate to discuss the attack in Harkenwold.
  4. Get into fight with house guards.
  5. Sneak into Kamroth estate.
  6. Discover temple to Tiamat on the second floor.
  7. Get blasted by a trap while stealing a magic sword.
  8. Get into another scuffle with the house guards.
  9. Show the town guards the temple.
  10. Mill about and give statements to city watch as they take control of the area.
  11. Wait at the Kamroth estate to talk to Lord Markelhay.
  12. Learn that politics are going to play a bringer part in the incident than the truth or justice.
  13. Escape from custody.
  14. Meet up with Cheery in a field.
  15. Hatch plot.
  16. Catch up with allies in dungeon by sneaking into Moonstone Keep.

From Cheery’s Perspective:

  1. Arrive in town, give bad news of how many soldiers were lost in trip.
  2. Sell aquired loot.
  3. Go to Kamroth’s estate to discuss the attack in Harkenwold.
  4. Get into fight with house guards.
  5. Be restrained and talk with city watch.
  6. Run off with HRA when the city guards are distracted by events inside the house.
  7. Hide in a farmer’s field.
  8. Meet up with Simon.
  9. Learn from farmer that Kamroth is the land lord of most of the farm land surrounding Fallcrest. That there there are many people loyal Kamroth who will just assume that if Kamroth did try and have people killed (which is unlikely) that they probably deserved it.
  10. Be taken into custody when farmer turns Cheery in to the city watch.
  11. Meet up with allies in dungeon of Moonstone Keep.
Recap 6/20
Plot Recap
  1. The group broke out of jail.
  2. Simon gave a message to give to Melody Markelhay
  3. The party went into the Tombstone Woods in search of the Kamroth family mausoleum.
  4. The party found the crypt and Shodan talked with the guards there, telling them where he was planning on staying and giving them a summary of what was going on.
  5. One guard mysteriously died, the other disappeared.
  6. Shodan and Kelesk investigated finding the mausoleum empty and the dead watchman apparently killed by his ally.
  7. Shodan and Kelesk went to the Inn for the night.
  8. During the night Shodan kills what appears to be an assassin, and turns out to be the other watchman from the crypt.
  9. Shodan flees from the city guard and is cornered on an island in the middle of the Nentir river.
  10. Lady Markelhay and the Septarch are requested to assist in stopping the party
  11. Kelesk is brought before Lady Markelhay to provide any insight he might have toward their behavior and whereabouts.
  12. Kelesk gives The Lady the message Simon wrote.
  13. Lady Markelhay eventually convinces the Septarch to return to his tower and use ritual sorcery.
  14. Alone, Lady Markelhay talks to Shodan on the island. Where she tells him where he can hide to wait for her.
  15. Shodan goes to the dragon cave behind the falls and waits.
  16. The Septarch and Lady Markelhay are “unable” to find Shodan or his remains.
  17. In the morning Serim Selduzar is arrested and interigated with arcane assistance about whether he is a foreign agent, and is eventually executed.
  18. His corpse is then further interigated.
  19. Rumors fly that the party were part of a Sengardian assassination plot to kill Kamroth and destablize Fallcrest.
  20. Simon meets with Lady Markelhay and offers to aid her in the protection of Fallcrest in exchange for pardon. Lady Markelhay leaves him to discuss with the Lord.
Recap 4/15

Just as the party was getting ready to head back to Fallcrest they were attacked by thugs hired by the richest man in Fallcrest. They defeated them and headed out of town.

On the way to Fallcrest they encountered a partially constructed road block/fortification being built by goblinoids. The party engaged the goblin camp in battle and the outcome is still undetermined. All the Fallcrest troops that were travelling with them lay dead or dying on the battlefield.

Recap 2/12
  1. After having just finished a battle with orcs the party rested for the evening and in the morning continued down the King’s Road through the Old King’s Woods toward Harkenwold.
  2. In the afternoon goblins attempted to ambush party resulting in many goblin deaths.
  3. Searching the goblins turned up a map that gave the impression that goblins were moving into the woods from the south while orcs were moving through the woods from the east.
  4. There were marks on the goblin map where the two races “territory” met.
  5. The party continued down the road until they encountered Rinor, a Harkenwold Hospitler.
  6. Rinor was scouting the forest looking for travelers in need. He was pleased to see a military band from Fallcrest come down the road.
  7. Rinor had the following information:

    • Waves of orcs from the Dawnforged Mountains have been passing through Harkenwold plain regularly for the past few months, which is unusual.
    • The Daggerborn goblins of the Harken Forest have been a lot more active recently than they have in years past.
    • Very little traffic has been able to make it up and down the King’s Road since the goblins and orcs have increased their presence in the Old King’s Woods.
    • Between defense of villages, rebuilding efforts, and sheer volume of enemies in the Woods the * Harkenwold miltia and hospitlers have not had a chance to investigate what the orcs and goblins are doing in the forest.
    • Since nobody seems particularly interested in Harkenwold itself, they are doing just fine.
    • Currently their aren’t orcs passing through the Harkenwold plain.

  1. With that the party moved on through the Harkenwold plain. Past shattered thorps, old and fresh, as well as ones in the process of rebuilding or just making due with whatever damage had occured.
  2. After another day of traveling the party arrived at Harkenwold; A double walled palisade of thick wood surrounds the town of two-story log buildings.

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