Located in the Aldmir Vale.
Ironwood was once a peaceful town, until a clan of wererats moved near by. Instead of open conflict the rats chose to spread disease to the town. In a weakened state the wererats found it easy to take over and convert much of the population.

The Clan then used this strategy on other nearby villages. Soon they controlled a small kingdom.

Some people escaped from the Clan, and Elros Flametongue rallied these people into a resistance. Eventually fighting off the hoards of wererats and freeing the Clan-Lands. For this he was made Lord Mayor of the ravaged Ironwood. Many of the survivors have been pouring into the vacant burg, slowly revitalizing it.

Elros, not one for politics and the sedentary life of a mayor established a council to rule in his place while he went out to vanquish other foes. Promising to return.


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